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Registered: 13320
Online players: 398
Online today: 557
Newest player: marcos

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Doom Bog FFA (SUB) in 3:52:07Doom Bog FFA (SUB) in 3:52:07Doom Bog FFA (SUB) in 4:52:07


EXP: x1
GOLD: x1
DROP: x1
Hourly : +50
Vote 1 : +250 (every 12h)
Vote 2 : +250 (every 12h)
Vote 3 : +500 (every 24h)

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RezelRealm 8
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MoneytRealm 12
KDwoRealm 1
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DavinaRealm 15
R3MP0NGRealm 15

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