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Jade Dynasty Reborn Classic

Welcome to Jade Dynasty Reborn Classic! This official-style server will take you back in time...

Recent Patch Notes
Patch v131 (26.02.2021 at 12:42)
- Another attempt to fix Sunstream City map preview issue.
- Censor issue for russian language has been resolved.
- Fixed Auto PvP Battlegrounds level range on website.
- Another fix attempt for Ether Phoenix spawn.
- Fixed Strategist Battlegrounds for players with LV155+.
- Removed two future instances from list under `K`.
- Supremacy Envoy is now available in Sunstream.
- Fixed non-working Socket Locks.
- Corrected Champion Voucher item description.
- Fixed skill: Drunk Lotusen II not taking caster Silence Resistance if more than 600.
- PvE Event launched.