Jade Dynasty Reborn Rules

You agree to follow these rules below by registering an account and playing on our server!

  • 1. Up to 4 accounts online at the same time per person. including one vendor account that stays within Sunstream City map

  • 2. Abusing referral program will cause account(s) delete or BAN.

  • 3. By registering you agree to receive occasional emails about important server updates.

  • 4. Impersonating staff members is strictly forbidden. Player impersonating that causes scam or reputation destroy attempt is forbidden aswell.

  • 5. Respect each other.

  • 6. No Drama, if a GS, GM or Admin requests you to stop, please stop.

  • 7. No spamming at World Chat. This is because if someone needs help and you spam, no one will see that persons request.

  • 8. No advertising other servers.

  • 9. Do not start a fight with anyone over anything. This connects to Rule #4.

  • 10. No talk about religion, politics or sexuality in World Chat. Why? Because some people get sensitive about certain subjects and can trigger them. So please respect this rule just as you'd respect Rule #4.

  • 11. Do not 'trade' other items from other Servers via World Chat, or in general. We will not be able to help with the outcome, as well as you might get banned for breaking Rule #7.

  • 12. No Account Selling via: ingame transactions, real cash transactions,gold transactions.

  • 13. No Account Trading, trading your account for an account and/or items on the same or another server.

  • 14. Virtual currency you can buy via real money due it nature can not be charged back.

  • 15. NO transform gems during ANY pvp except Elysium PvP (including Iron BG and Crystal Rift) and Zuolo Plains.

  • 16. Do not kill white-name players on PvE realms. Do not exploit pet to force white-named players to turn red-name. Don't use Moshu Disaster on white named players on PvE realms.

  • 17. Items accidentally dropped because of lack of Puppet Protectors during PvP EVENTS should be returned to their former owners.

  • 18. It is forbidden to disturb other level/refinery range automated PvP events.

  • 19. It is forbidden to use third-party software like auto-clickers.

  • 20. It is forbidden to to exploit Zuolo Plains map in order to hide with Boss Transform Gem.

  • 21. It is forbidden to feed or boost other account in any way during PvE event(with bound required item). Abusers will be permanently banned from attending PvE events.

  • 22. It is forbidden to exploit LMS event in any way that makes it unfair (relogging/staying in safezone etc).

  • 23. It is forbidden to intentionally feed other players(or own characters) with kills during automated PvP events.

  • 24. It is forbidden to attack fort PvP using other alliances just to get participation reward. This system was designed for PvP purpose and any abuse will lead to consequences for whole alliance.

  • 25. It is forbidden to use client side speed increase commands.

» WARNING: Account sharing with clan mates, friends, family members etc is at the owner and user discretion. We cannot help if the account is lost, sold or robbed without the owner permission. So please be wary of who has access to your accounts.