Jade Dynasty Reborn Rules

You agree to follow these rules below by registering an account and playing on our server!

  • 1. Single person may have up to 4 accounts online at the same time. Additional one vendor account that stays within Sunstream City map is allowed.

  • 2. Referral system abuse is prohibited.

  • 3. Impersonating game/discord server staff members is strictly forbidden.

  • 4. Player impersonating that causes scam or reputation destroy attempt is forbidden.

  • 5. Public serious insults, any kind of racism, toxicity, continuous harassment or disrespect is forbidden.

  • 6. World Chat spamming is not allowed. This rule is only valid for heavy overuse.

  • 7. Any kind of advertisment of other game servers both public and private is forbidden.

  • 8. Please avoid public discussions regarding religion, politics or sexuality. Players that initiate provocation or feed drama will be punished.

  • 9. In-game or cross server trades are on player's own responsibility.

  • 10. Any transactions that involves real currencies or cryptocurrencies are strictly forbidden. Both buyer and seller may be punished.

  • 11. Virtual currency players receive by donating to reborngn.com due it nature can not be charged back. Any kind of disputes will lead to instant ban for all connected accounts.

  • 12. It is forbidden to use transform gems during pvp with exclusion of: Elysium PvP, Zuolo Plains, Crystal Rift, Iron BG and Clouded Sunstream.

  • 13. Do not kill white-name players on PvE realms. Do not exploit pet to force white-named players to turn red-name. Don't use Moshu Disaster on white named players on PvE realms.

  • 14. Items accidentally dropped because of lack of Puppet Protectors during PvP EVENTS should be returned to their former owners.

  • 15. It is forbidden to disturb other level/refinery range automated PvP events.

  • 16. It is forbidden to use third-party software like auto-clickers.

  • 17. It is forbidden to to exploit Zuolo Plains map in order to hide with Boss Transform Gem.

  • 18. It is forbidden to exploit LMS event in any way that makes it unfair (relogging/staying in safezone etc).

  • 19. It is forbidden to intentionally feed other players(or own characters) with kills during automated PvP events.

  • 20. It is forbidden to use client side speed increase commands.

  • 21. It is forbidden to block Fort Siege slots or Territory War bids using associated alliances.

  • 22. Usage of exploit/bug or any kind of behavior that may cause unfair advantage to choosen player/group of players will lead to permanent ban. Player that report such issue may be rewarded. Please report bugs as soon as possible.

  • 23. Alliances cannot have more than 3 clans.

» WARNING: Account sharing with clan mates, friends, family members etc is at the owner and user discretion. We cannot help if the account is lost, sold or robbed without the owner permission. So please be wary of who has access to your accounts.